Writing a design brief gcse

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Writing a design brief gcse

A design brief is a written explanation - given to a designer - outlining the aims, objectives and milestones of a design project.

A thorough and articulate design brief is a critical part of the design process. It helps develop trust and understanding between the client and designer - and serves as an essential point of reference for both parties.

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Above all, the design brief ensures that important design issues are considered and questioned before the designer starts work. It may contain some functional requirements, aesthetics, materials, safety and quality considerations and other design constraints. The brief will guide the designers and help them formulate a performance and marketing specification.

The client is usually the person who has identified the need and provides the brief. It is the responsibility of the designer to work closely with the client to ensure that they get the product they want. In industry designers maybe part of a team, as they are unlikely to have expertise in all areas.

In the design of a personal music player such as the IPod, designers would be split into teams working on styling, electronics, software and control systems, ergonomics and interface. These teams may have particular expertise in those areas but may use external consultants.

Another example is in the car industry: Designers of cars would work with production engineers to plan the manufacture but specialist industrial designers would design the machines that make the cars. You can also access the Yr12 and Yr13 Product Design design briefs.

Make sure you click on the correct one for the course you are studying. You must read through the context and then the design tasks. Think very carefully about each task. Make notes or a mind map to help you decide. REMEMBER you will be completing this project over a long period of time so its important that you choose something that you will enjoy The reason you need to choice something that you will enjoy is its important to have fun with this project, this will keep you interested and make you strive to achieve a high grade and enable you to be creative.

writing a design brief gcse

Choose something that will provide you with a challenge and that you can get your teeth into, and something that will allow you to design for a potential target market that you are interested in.

Good luck, once you have decided you are ready to move onto your project. Look at past examples of projects for inspiration or guidance. These can be found under the Galleries tab on the left.

Read through all the design briefs and make some initial notes or mind maps for discussion.

Writing A Successful Design Brief - Clear Design

Any words you are unsure of research their meaning Lesson Objectives: To learn about the role of designers and how design evolves over time in response to market trends and technological developments To understand the difference between evolutionary and revolutionary change. To learn how manufacturing processes have developed over time To appreciate that society and design are interrelated.

Now you have read through all the design briefs, choose your favourite and make notes and start to mind map as much detail as possible.GCSE Graphic products – course tips – Writing a design brief and Situation Graphic products- course tips / What is required of you?

/ By Mr K. Cooper - 1 - GCSE Graphic products – course tips. Learners may be constrained by many factors, including department budgets, size of the solution for storage purposes, or material and process availability to the learner, but these must not influence the writing of the design brief.

A design brief is a written explanation - given to a designer - outlining the aims, objectives and milestones of a design project. A thorough and articulate design brief is a critical part of the design process.

Watch and identify a video of a real world problem, and write a short design brief that provides broad design opportunity. Learners use the Youtube IfOnlyItWorked channel to scroll through the broad range of videos uploaded.

The learners can select one video, and write an appropriate design brief. That’s where a detailed design brief would set you up to create great design. It answers all of the questions you’ll need for the project—and you won’t have to email the client to ask them questions you should’ve gotten up front.

The design brief is the start of the GCSE coursework.

writing a design brief gcse

You will be provided with a task by your teacher which has been selected from a list of tasks provided by AQA (the examination board). Your design brief should clearly state your intentions and what you hope to achieve.

Writing an effective design brief: Awesome examples and a free template to get you started – Learn