Write an essay about my life changed drastically

I haven't spoken with my father in a while… My country has a foreign debt that is growing exponentially!

Write an essay about my life changed drastically

Sample Essay My relationship with God and Jesus Christ strengthens through leaps and bounds and an incident changed by entire life. I was suffering from schizophrenic disorders and because of that I was unable to live a happy life.

One of my friend started preaching me and my attitude towards life changed drastically. This spiritual preaching of Christianity developed a sense of self belief in my personality and by the grace of Jesus and God I recovered from this menace.

This incident has created a strong link between me and Jesus Christ and my life has transformed entirely. After such incidents my belief in God strengthened a lot and as women I seek help from God in every walk of life.

Visiting churches began a normal routine of my life and I developed a strong relationship with churches. Spirituality, religion and the teachings of churches has changed by entire life.

write an essay about my life changed drastically

After becoming a practicing Christian I developed a sense of self belief and that self belief motivated me in number of instances. It is just because of the teachings of churches that I have broadened up my vision and now in disrupting situations I seek help from God and follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

I being a woman is satisfied with this mode of life and would recommend every that every individual should follow the teachings of churches and they must up bring themselves according to the life of Jesus Christ. Thus in a nutshell I believe that women through Christianity can attain whatever they want and easily heal them spirituality and by following the footsteps of Christ we can enter into paradise.

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write an essay about my life changed drastically

Unfortunately, once I got sick my plans drastically changed, but the one thing that has never wavered is a personal goal to attend college. Even though my path differed a bit and I had to take a leave of absence from high school to regain my health and take care of my body, I was adamant that once I was able I needed to continue working towards.


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