The introduction of under armour inc marketing essay

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The introduction of under armour inc marketing essay

What is under armour clothing Introduction We have selected Under Armour clothing, because we feel that they have a unique variety of clothing. Unlike Nike………The Company has an optimistic view of helping athletes improve their performances.

Their scientific research has shown great results, such as the unique clothing they create. One way you would wear the shirt to keep warm and the other way to keep cool, and they are color coordinated as well.

The company has a passion and understanding of what athletes across the world need to excel in their performances. They Target Athletes abroad and achieve their targeted customers.

They find new ways and approach any obstacle with a great knowledge of research. Segmentation Under Armour analysis focuses on four segmentations, Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic, and Behavioral.

Geographically Under Armour aims for worldwide buyers, focusing its targeted market on athletes and active life styles. The demographic segmentation of this market is wealth, all age groups, mostly male, athletes and sport teams.

Also they target consumers with a healthy lifestyle and athletes in various sports that have an aspiration for high quality products.

The personality traits that people would have to purchase this product would be ambitious, competitive, higher social class, and achievers. The company aims for World Wide consumers, they try to maintain this goal by constantly innovating ideas.

Under Armour is aiming to start partnerships between college football sport teams. These Male athletes range from agesalso these sport teams are always seeking to be the best and want the best equipment for their performances. They try to endorse their product through young athletes, trying to capture that football apparel market.

Their marketing campaign is to create an image of tough, fast, stronger and feared. Under Armour has focused on male athletes, their newest endeavor is to achieve cliental in the female population.

In addition to increased breadth, the line offers more depth. They try to gain this goal by constantly endorsing their products through famous athletes and providing as much resources for the sporting market. Also Under Armour is targeting one group, males yrs old and now they are branching out to the female population in the sports market.

They are starting to design new clothing options for the many sports that people from all ages are participating in.

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Although this type of marketing may attract more competitors, Under Armour ensures their products are of high quality, and high status. Our marketing and promotion efforts begin with a strategy of selling our products to high-performing athletes and teams on the collegiate and professional levels.

We execute this strategy through professional and collegiate sponsorships, individual athlete agreements and by selling our products directly to team equipment managers and to individual athletes.

As a result, our products are seen on the field, giving our products exposure to various consumer audiences through the internet, television, magazines and live at sporting events.

The introduction of under armour inc marketing essay

This exposure to consumers helps us establish on-field authenticity as consumers can see Under Armour products being worn by high-performing athletes. The positioning product that Under Armour is portraying is their sporting products enhances and improves your athletic ability.

The reason for this is Under Armour ensures their products are long lasting, powerful, and attainable in many regions.From to , Measure magazine was the voice of HP to its employees and associates. Published “For the people of HP,” the award-winning magazine chronicled the culture and achievements of HP from to , when our print publication moved to the Web.

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The introduction of under armour inc marketing essay

Under Armour is focused on high quality-innovative performance athletic apparels. The products of Under Armour performance apparel have become the top choice for athletes to wear under their uniforms or during workouts to keep them cool and dry.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec This is an analysis of Under Armour Inc case study in its potentiality to make marketing strategies of expanding its market in foreign nations.

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