Sociology 350 course paper

The vaulted Information Revolution is more than Web surfing, Net games and dotcomes. Indeed, it is the foundation for an economic and social transformation on a scale comparable to the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century. As a culture we have learned from earlier such transformations and it is important to recognize these lessons and chart a path toward intellectual and practical mastery of the emerging world of information.

Sociology 350 course paper

Part 2 — Final Paper A criminal justice research paper developed at the level requires much careful consideration and commitment to scholarly development. The research paper must be properly written with minimal grammatical and content errors. You will write a 5—7-page research-oriented paper in current APA format.

Your research paper must have a title page which must not be numbered and does not count toward the total page count of the paper. A complete bibliography using a proper alphabetical format must be at the end of the paper.

The paper must include at least 5—7 references, in addition to the class textbooks and the Bible. Sincea series of United States Supreme Court case decisions have clarified that, in criminal cases, prosecutors must disclose to the defense evidence favorable to the defendant.

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This includes information that may be used to impeach the credibility of government witnesses, including law enforcement officers. These decisions mean that police officers who have documented histories of lying in official matters are liabilities to their agencies, and these histories may render them unable to testify credibly.

With this in mind, you are the Chief of Police of a municipality. Your Deputy Chief of Police advises you that one of your officers was investigated for inappropriate use of one of the computers in the patrol division.

As a result of this internal investigation, it was determined that the officer used this computer to search pornographic web sites. When confronted with this allegation, the officer denied any knowledge of this incident.

The officer then admitted to his wrongdoing and stated it would never happen again. This officer has been with your organization for 15 years, and the only other disciplinary action taken against him was for being involved in an at-fault traffic accident 10 years ago.

As the Chief of Police, how would you handle this situation?

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Would you terminate this year veteran with a virtually clean record? Or would you impose significant disciplinary action as opposed to termination? United States, U. Any time more than 10 consecutive words are used from a single source, credit must be given to that source and the information must be contained in quotation marks using current APA style where the last name of the author from the bibliography, the publication year, and the page number should be listed in parenthesis.

If 2 or more continuous lines from a single source are used, they must be contained in quotation marks, indented, and single-spaced. Their theories have ranged far and wide, indicating the depth and breadth of the problem, but, still no definitive solution has been found.SOC.

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Sociology 350 course paper

Lemons Course Structure This course is completely online. The course consists of online lectures supplemented by The minimum length will be . paper option you will write a 5 page essay entitled “My theory of _____,” in which you elaborate your own theory using some of the writings we have considered over the course of the term.

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Sociology Courses. Undergraduate Courses SOC Introduction to Sociology (Required/Core Course) These are just some of the questions we will explore in this course.

SOC Sociology of Education One of the cornerstone principles of the American meritocracy is the idea that education provides everyone equal opportunity to achieve their.

REACTION PAPER GUIDELINES Excluding Part I, students will select one sociological concept covered in the material, twice, from different Parts of the course.

Course No. & Title: ORLD Organizational Change and Leadership Semester and Term: Day and Dates: Online sociology, psychology, and cultural anthropology.

Sociology 350 course paper

This course aims toenhance our understanding of life inside organizations Written Assignments Change Paper / Final Paper Reaction Response Essay 25%.

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