Sample history essays for leaving cert applied

Ah Yes, but could you give a coherant answer on the succeses and failures of the Land Wars between and ?! Not so simple actually. Its one thing to write stuff on a page but in history they are ruthless on the Overall engagement with the question OE and overall coherance.

Sample history essays for leaving cert applied

Treatment of the set question is accurate and substantial Treatment of the set question is not exceptional in the information or commentary. The detailed application to each of those principles to each individual question depends on the task demanded by such key words as evaluate, discuss, account for, describe, etc.

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Consider Course 11,Question D. The task word is 'account for' and the two elements are 'initial success' and 'ultimate defeat'. The combination of those factors determine the application of the Cumulative Mark principle to any answer to that question.

Sample Answers The following sample answers are designed to show how the application of the marking scheme works in practice.

These sample answers are the actual work of Higher Level Leaving Certificate students and were written during the past year in examination conditions i. The questions are verbatim from the Leaving Certificate Higher level paper of Since the purpose of this exercise is to aid teachers in the assessment of those of their students who intend to take Higher Level History at Leaving Certificate, it is essential to point out that constant reference to the marking scheme, as outlined above is absolutely necessary.

In other words, neither the mark allocated to each 'paragraph equivalent' nor the overall evaluation mark is in any sense an impressionistic one, but is based firmly on the criteria delineated in the marking scheme.

Obviously, this is necessary in order to ensure standardisation on a national level. Therefore, a careful study - both of what constitutes a 'paragraph equivalent' and of the 'descriptors' in terms of rating scales - will lead to a satisfactory and accurate cumulative mark being awarded for relevant factual information.

The same will apply for decisions reached for the overall evaluation mark which, it must be remembered, is arrived at "in the context of the set question" All of this is very clearly stated in the General Principles of Marking above.

These answers are transcribed exactly as presented including historical errors, incorrect spelling, punctuation etc. Parnell was a man who entered politics for want of something better to do. He came from a wealthy Protestant background.

When he entered politics, he joined the obstructionist party.

sample history essays for leaving cert applied

They made long and boring speeches, which would obstruct the business of Westminster. They did this because the British government would not listen to Irish peoples needs for Home Rule.

Parnell was young and enthusiastic and he encouraged within his party a sense of initiative. He ordered his party to sit together as a party at Westminster.

He created a disciplined, tightly controlled, pledge-bound Home Rule party. He succeeded where Butt had failed in bringing the Home Rule party to the centre of the British political stage. Parnell's speech in parliament that the Manchester Martyrs were not murderers brought him to the attention of the fenians.

sample history essays for leaving cert applied

He joined with them in forming the New Departure. This was a coalition between the Fenians farmers: Parnell parliament and Cumann na nGaedhael money Parnell gained support from the whole of Ireland. He set up Home Rule branches around the country.

However, he tailored his speeches to suit his audience. In Westport he urged tenants "to keep a firm grip on your homesteads".Hello My name is Marty. I am a qualified art teacher, a youth worker and a father of a leaving cert student!! I would like to congratulate the designer of this web page.

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Correcting Leaving Cert Higher Course Essays: Sample Answer 2 Evaluate the contribution of Charles Stewart Parnell to the Home Rule Movement. (80) (Charles Stewart Parnell became MP for Meath in he quickly became involved in Home Rule and also, to the disgust of Isaac Butt, the obstructionists.

Leaving Cert and Junior Cert exam paper questions and marking schemes listed by topic. Studyclix makes exam revision and study easier.

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