Ria strategic business planning

Kuo has over 18 years of corporate and financial public relations experience, encompassing both proactive visibility programs as well as communications. Kuo has nearly 18 years of corporate and financial public relations experience, encompassing both proactive visibility programs as well as communications support for transactional and special situations. Prior to that, Mr. Kuo was a Partner at Kekst and Company, a leading New York City-based public relations firm established inwhere he worked for approximately ten years.

Ria strategic business planning

PLA Rocket ForceXian H-6Type submarineand Type submarine Unlike the United States and Russia where strategic nuclear forces are enumerated by treaty limits and subject to verification, China, a nuclear power sinceis not subject to these requirements but currently has a triad structure smaller in size than Russia and the United States.

China's nuclear force is closer in number and capability to France or the United Kingdom, making it much smaller than that of the United States or Russia. Unlike the US and Russia, China stores an abundance of their missiles in massive underground tunnel complexes; U. Representative Michael Turner [12] referring to Chinese media reports said "This network of tunnels could be in excess of 5, kilometers 3, miles and is used to transport nuclear weapons and forces.

The Chinese fleet carried out a series of successful JL-2 launches in[20] [21] [22] and In addition to the H-6 bomber, there are numerous tactical fighter and fighter-bombers such as the JJJH-7A and Su that are all capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

There is an estimate that China has an arsenal of about nuclear warheads and that they have produced about nuclear warheads since becoming a nuclear power in China is phasing out old liquid-fused ballistic missiles and arming several new solid-fueled missiles.

In the same estimate of China, they believe that there is a small inventory of air-delivered nuclear bombs. As well as production is more than likely underway of new warheads for missiles to arm the Jin-class submarines.

ria strategic business planning

While it is not expected that China will give up the current "no first use" policy in the near future, the Pentagon report raises concerns that "this issue has been and will continue to be debated in China. It remains to be seen, how the introduction of more capable and survivable nuclear systems in greater numbers will shape the terms of this debate or affect Beijing's thinking about nuclear options in the future.

Strategic Forces CommandAgni missileK Missile familySukhoi SuMKIand INS Arihant India's nuclear weapons policy is that of " no first use " and " minimum credible deterrence ," which means that the country will not use nuclear weapons unless they are attacked first, but the country does have the capability to induce the second strike.

BeforeIndia already possessed land-based ballistic missiles and aircraft that are nuclear-capable. An intermediate-range ballistic missile has a range of 3, to 5, kilometers and intercontinental missiles are missiles with the ability to travel farther than 5, kilometers.

ria strategic business planning

Land and air strike capabilities are under the control of Strategic Forces Command which is a part of Nuclear Command Authority.

This would be the second SSBN of the three underway to be finished.

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This allows the country to join the nuclear triad. Strategic Missile TroopsLong Range AviationBorei-class submarineTyphoon-class submarineand Delta-class submarine Also a nuclear power, [43] Russia inherited the arsenal of all of the former Soviet states; this consists of silo-based as well as rail and road mobile ICBMs, sea-based SLBMs, strategic bombers, strategic aerial refueling aircraft, and long-range tactical aircraft capable of carrying gravity bombs, standoff missiles, and cruise missiles.

Russian strategic nuclear submarine forces are equipped with the following SLBMs: These bombers and nuclear capable strike aircraft such as the Sukhoi Su are supported by Ilyushin Il aerial refuelling aircraft. Soviet nuclear triad during the Cold War[ edit ] The Soviet Union developed their first nuclear bombs only a few years after the United States, undoubtedly aided by espionage.

Although the Soviet Union was behind the U. S in the years following World War II in terms of nuclear development, they soon closed the gap. Bythe U. S successfully tested the world's first hydrogen bomb, Ivy Mike with a yield of about 10 MT.

In addition, the development of stealth and fighter bombers by the USSR were heavily modeled on the American counterparts, the B-2 and B The first-ever mid-range ballistic missile, R-5M, was created by the Soviet Union and accepted for military purposes on July 21, This missile had a range of miles with a yield of 1 MT.

From its acceptance in until there were 48 launchers with R-5M ballistic missiles equipped with nuclear warheads deployed by the Soviet Union. This meant that a single missile would now contain multiple nuclear warheads.

MRV's evolved into MIRVswhich did not function as dispersal devices, but rather allowed independent targets for the multiple nuclear warheads. The final improved generated the RM2 Voevodawhich allowed even more accurate attacks and increased the number of warheads to MRVs, unlike MIRVs which allowed for independent targeting, had a downside known as the "fratricide effect", which refers to the inability to distance multiple warheads from each other, allowing the chance for the initial explosion to destroy the other warheads.

As a result, the increase in ICBM launchers and nuclear warheads continued by both countries. However, the first successful underwater launch of a ballistic missile was in July It was not until that the Soviet Union was able to match the US in this regard, with a R missile.

As the s came about, the new technology of cruise-missiles significantly altered deterrence strategies in both the US and Soviet Union. At this point, the nuclear triad maintained its importance in ensuring a second-strike capability, although this significance has waned dramatically since the end of the Cold War.

Its main motivation for developing the program was that the NavyArmyand Air Force all wanted to play a role in the operation of the country's nuclear arsenal.Wealth Enhancement, founded in and backed by Lightyear Capital, is comprised of 61 advisors overseeing approximately $ billion in assets, according to the firm.

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Are you an individual investor? The same goes for a business plan. It needs to be looked at continually to confirm you are on the right track. Brian J. Quinlan, CA, CFP, TEP, is a partner at Campbell Lawless Professional Corporation, Chartered Accountants and can be reached at [email protected] A nuclear triad is a three-pronged military force structure that consists of land-launched nuclear missiles, nuclear-missile-armed submarines and strategic aircraft with nuclear bombs and missiles.

Specifically, these components are land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), and strategic bombers. Top RIA’s Top Business Model: Keep Your Hands Off!

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