Motivate me to do my homework tumblr png

Add all that time together and you get oh my god do your homework maximum homework hours spent on all of the essential components of a healthy, balanced life— regular exercise, a full tumblr how to buy a house informative essay of sleep per nightplenty of time for socialization and doing, and so on. But that still leaves 29 hours of your week remaining, which thesis statement for the writer by richard wilbur the equivalent of a part-time job!

Motivate me to do my homework tumblr png

I set little mini short-term goals and the odd long-term goal so I am surrounded by aims to get me motivated. So what is a short-term goal? A short-term goal is a goal that you want to set for the near future.

motivate me to do my homework tumblr png

Getting up at 7am every morning and starting your work early Reading a chapter of a book a day to improve your reading No chocolate for a month No studying past 6pm Keep a clean desk A long-term goal is something that you want to reach but takes a lot longer to achieve. Long-term goals can include: I have a long term goal at the moment to work hard and get good grades so I can go to university and study history.

Whilst this is a good goal, I also need stepping stones to get me there and to keep that motivation flowing - these are my short-term goals: This sets up some motivation. I love having a goal because I feel like every small task I complete gets me one step closer to that goal of mine - almost like ticking an assignment off of your to-do list!

With having so much to do, it is impossible for me to keep a mental list of everything and writing it down helps so much! Not only does it help me remember what I have to do, it also motivates me in so many ways.

First of all, setting one up at the start of the day means that I know exactly what I need to get done and I want to get it done as quickly as I can, but without rushing it and so it makes me start straight away so I can tick things off of my list.

This brings me on to the second reason why they motivate me so much - because every time you tick it off, you get an amazing feeling of satisfaction and relief that your to-do list is slowly getting smaller.

Also, the amount of happiness it brings when you have ticked off everything you have to do is definitely such a good feeling and it is so amazing to know you have finished and you can now relax!

Each time you tick something off, it motivates you to get the whole list done. If I have a massive chunk of homework for a subject, breaking it down into smaller tasks makes my life so much easier and saves me so much agro.

Whilst it might take slightly longer due to the breaking up of tasks, I actually find this more productive and makes things so much more manageable so I actually feel like I want to do the small task instead of the one large one.

I break up the tasks and schedule these broken up tasks on my to-do list. I completely understand that in a morning the first thing you are not going to want to do is that physics homework that entails you doing 3 pages of questions on oscillations and harmonic motion. Get it out of the way!

motivate me to do my homework tumblr png

This one is a great one to bare in mind and this really applies to me at the moment and is actually where my main source of motivation has come from since the 18th August results day!

It gives me a spark of inspiration to keep going to make sure that I keep that up! However, whilst good grades motivate me to carry on performing at my best and to keep working hard, it is important that I understand my failures too, and so should you.

Successes and failures are so important in receiving motivation. Not only do they provide you with something to keep you going, but they build you as a character and I think that is a lovely thing!

This might seem to be such a silly little tip, but drawing simple doodles or fancy titles really motivates me. Whilst making my notes look more aesthetically pleasing takes slightly longer, I find it calms me with anxiety as I am being creative whilst I am working and it is a really great way for me to stay relaxed.

So not only does it bring me motivation, but calms my anxiety too! Killing two birds with one stone! Some might disagree that this would actually make them less inclined to do work, but if you need to alleviate stress, get motivated or just want to make your notes look nice, then this could be for you!

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I changed from myfitnesspal to because a friend of mine is doing that site as well, and we can be friends and motivate each other!

And she can totally see if I went over my calories, so it gives me motivation because I want to be impressive. Feb 09,  · You can only upload files of type PNG, JPG, or JPEG.

You can only upload files of type 3GP, 3GPP, MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, or RM. Any ideas to motivate me to do my homework right now? What can REALLLLLYYYY motivate me to do homework/study?

More Resolved. Thank you! Comments like your motivate to make more instructional materials like this list. I created the list for a Hotel and Restaurant ESL class but knowing it would ultimately be shared with a wider audience on the internet caused me to put the extra effort into the project.


Feb 29,  · I have the same problem sometimes.. What I do is set a timer for 45 minutes and I make myself sit and work for that 45 minutes, then I get a 15 minute break, then set the time again Resolved. Not only do you not have time to teach them anything, but they end up hating learning.

Even outside of school your life is dedicated to memorizing these few dumb facts because your homework ends up taking hours of your time.

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