List of most important topics to

I am honored to discover that more thanof you have since read my soft skills list and found it helpful.

List of most important topics to

Such as John Cleese.

List of most important topics to

The same is true for Whitespace: The topic of interest was a humourous treatise about whether this: Obviously both options are completely wrong. The right answer is: We need new very very very important topics to discuss instead of fixing them bugs.

Whitespace OK, that was a no-brainer. The very interesting Reddit discussion is still hot. And the best thing is, all the others are totally right as well. Why is that great? Because that means we get to discuss it. While everyone keeps talking about ORMs like that, no one cares what Gavin King creator of Hibernate had said from the beginning: Why should we care about his opinion?

List of most important topics to

We have our own, far superior opinion! Case-sensitivity Unfortunately, us Java folks cannot have any of those very very very very very important discussions about casing, because unfortunately, Java is a case-sensitive language. Should everything be PascalCased and camelCased as in Java?

Should everything be generated as named in the database? We have so many options to SQL casing, which brings us to 3. It is not only keyword-heavy, but it also has a very complex and highly irregular syntax.

Now any project manager should reserve at least 10 man-weeks in every project to agree on rules about SQL formatting. Because as we all know, the DBA is dead again. For those of you who have been missing out on this highly interesting topic, do know that all of this started again when the great NoSQL vs.

SQL debate was initiated by brilliant minds and vendors of truly alternative systems. Because your opinion counts!

50 Most Important Movies Ever Made

New lines and comments Remember our own blog post about putting some keywords on new lines?Geography Topics Please select a topic on the left sidebar About Us | Contact Us | Contribute | Link To Us | Newsletter | Sign Up | RSS Feeds | Search | Site Map. 40 Most Important American Laws 40 Greatest American Speeches From Patrick Henrys legendary pronouncement, Give me liberty or give me death!

to Martin Luther King, Jr.s famous I Have a Dream speech, for centuries American orators have changed attitudes, spurred action, or summed up a nations collective sorrow. May 14,  · A list of important topics of research on finance is provided to help the students in selecting their research/thesis topics.

Impact of privatization on . to enroll in courses, follow best educators, interact with the community and track your progress. Aug 16,  · List of important Physics Topics for JEE By Syllabus Weightage These 3 are the most basic concepts that you ought to know.

You can expect at-least 1 question from these topics. List of the most urgent global problems. If you want to maximise your chance of having a big positive impact with your career, it’s important to work on a global problem that’s .

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