Lego structure and stuff

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Lego structure and stuff

Lego structure and stuff

The answer is yes and no. There are of course, engineering techniques that can be used to create a very sound structure that will endure a modest or even strong quake. However, during a Lego structure and stuff strong earthquake, even the best engineered building may suffer severe damage. Engineers design buildings to withstand as much sideways motion as possible in order to minimize damage to the structure and give the occupants time to get out safely.

Buildings are basically designed to support a vertical load in order to support the walls, roof and all the stuff inside to keep them standing. Earthquakes present a lateral, or sideways, load to the building structure that is a bit more complicated to account for.

One way to to make a simple structure more resistant to these lateral forces is to tie the walls, floor, roof, and foundations into a rigid box that holds together when shaken by a quake. The most dangerous building construction, from an earthquake point of view, is unreinforced brick or concrete block.

Generally, this type of construction has walls that are made of bricks stacked on top of each other and held together with mortar. The roof is laid across the top.

Lego structure and stuff

The weight of the roof is carried straight down through the wall to the foundation. When this type of construction is subject to a lateral force from an earthquake the walls tip over or crumble and the roof falls in like a house of cards.

Construction techniques can have a huge impact on the death toll from earthquakes. The difference in those death tolls comes from building construction and technology.

In Haiti, the buildings were constructed quickly and cheaply. Chile, a richer and more industrialized nation, adheres to more stringent building codes.

Acting like shock absorbers in a car, these systems allow the building to be decoupled from the shaking of the ground. Watch the video below to see these system in action. In the event of a major earthquake, they can sway up to a few feet. Another technique to dampen the swaying of a tall building is to build in a large several tons mass that can sway at the top of the building in opposition to the building sway.

Weighing in at tons and capable of moving 5ft in any direction, it takes the prize as the worlds largest and heaviest building damper. In fact, it is so heavy that it had to be constructed on site since it is to heavy to be lifted by a crane. Can you build a better building? Here is a great video from WIRED that shows how a large shake platform can be used to test a full-scale structure in response to the motion of an earthquake.

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Find great deals on eBay for lego stuff. Shop with confidence. By using Lego bricks, you can better picture two basic principles engineers consider: static loading and dynamic loading.

Static loading includes the weight and pressure on the structure while it's stationary, while dynamic loading refers to how outside forces act on the structure while it's being used. The World's Tallest Lego Tower Has , Bricks And it stands more than feet tall.

The Lego Group changed directions from a dying company to the most financial success it had ever had by changing the structure from a single unit to a conglomerate that owned several units, but. The display piece is an enlarged version of the Turbo you’d find in Lego’s Speed Champions lineup.

But instead of it being made of regular sized actual Lego .

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