How to write a newsflash

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How to write a newsflash

Writers tend to not spend enough time on their ideas. All the months and years of great polishing can be wasted if the central concept lacks the elements that producers, agents and managers look for. Killer Ideas So, what are the elements of killer ideas? Well, every successful story has a problem at its heart, which someone is trying to solve.

But only some problems feel like they could sustain a movie, or series. What makes these sustainable ideas different? Believable — everything is understandable and feels real, even if there is some big conceptual leap the audience has to take at the beginning.

Life-Altering — the stakes are huge for all involved. Failure is not an option. Lives or something close to that seem to hang in the balance.

A tall order, I know! But these are the characteristics of projects that succeed. So many writers forget to entertain audiences with their ideas. But the main reason people want to consume our work is that they want to be entertained.

But what does entertaining mean?? Movies and TV and novels and theater are emotional experiences, first and foremost. The audience is not only emotionally invested in the story and characters, but they are stimulated to feel certain emotions in the watching of them. Adding some comedy to straight drama can help to elevate its commercial potential.

But they still give the audience that taste of being connected to someone on that deep level that seems to overtake you and make you feel seen, heard, known and accepted.

To make this lastingly compelling for an audience, usually something has to be in the way of the relationship. Concluding The best ideas tend to suggest some of these entertainment elements even in their loglines, which lay out the central problem of the story.

And they will pay well for the privilege. Erik has sold original series pitches to the broadcast networks, worked on the writing staff of primetime series, and written feature screenplays for Universal, HBO, TNT, and Playtone.Feed is the first book in the Newsflesh series of science fiction/horror novels written by Seanan McGuire under the pen name Mira Grant and published by Orbit Books in Set during the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse and written from the perspective of blog journalist Georgia Mason, Feed follows Georgia and her news team as they follow the .

Apr 08,  · newsflash Sarah Cloots, former assistant editor at Greenwillow Books is available for consulting, copyediting, proofreading, line editing, and critiquing.

how to write a newsflash

During her four years with Greenwillow, Sarah edited a wide range of titles, from young picture books through YA. If you’re asked to write an essay, you’ll almost always be told how many words the essay has to be and what kinds of topics you can write about.

Word counts are important to consider. They exist for a reason. Never ever, ever ever, write down something you don’t want your mom to read.

If you want someone to read something, put “NEWSFLASH” at the beginning or a similarly irresistible headline.

how to write a newsflash

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To continue doing this work, to keep the lights on, to protect the independence and authenticity of the writing — which is not controlled by any party or lobby inside or outside of the Church — I am reaching out and asking for the help of my readers.

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