Garnier fructis direct marketing

In the midst of such a large range of competitors, Garnier has taken steps to make their product stand out. The product is distinctively designed with a dark red bottle, combined with a dark green cap and label.

Garnier fructis direct marketing

These themes are made immediately apparent just with the packaging of their products: TerraCycle-able bottles, golden halos, and green leaves are some of the many carefully constructed tools used to create a strong brand identity.

We will begin with conducting a semiotic analysis of this print advertisement, in order to extract the connotative meanings behind the denotative image. Semiotics, or the study of signs, is used to interpret an image based on our cultural and social experiences within a society.

According to Leiss et al. At the topmost part of the ad we see a bold, green phrase: Through the vibrant shades of green and excitable punctuation, the statement compels the audience to care for the earth as much as Garnier Fructis does, and sets the stage so that the advertising and imagery that follows fits into this narrative.

To the right of this phrase is the goldfish, which seems to be floating in the air. We see additional signifiers of the youthful appeals that the campaign attempts to make from the link in the far right corner of the ad: This direct link to social media, in addition to the other symbols in the ad, give us clues as to what the demographic that the Pure Clean is attempting to target: Screenshot by User Through our semiotic analysis of the advertisement above, we as the audience have been interpellated, or hailed to, in a number of ways through Garnier fructis direct marketing variety of themes.

There is the overarching theme of environmentalism, where Garnier invites us as their guests into a greener world.

Garnier fructis direct marketing

There is the direct appeal to Generation X, through imagery and links to social media outlets which the brand knows us to be familiar with. The overwhelming majority of advertisements we see today for this cohort targets these very same concepts, and the Pure Clean commericla is no exception.

In the ad, we see a blonde girl fresh out of the shower and very much upset about her hair-care experience, followed by a boy in a similar pose with a likely similar struggle. The dull, black and white backgrounds parallel the notion that other shampoos will leave your hair feeling limp and lifeless.

Garnier epitomizes this kind of carefree living, and conducts extensive market research to capitalize on lifestyle trends such as these. Garnier Fructis has used this strategy consistently and effectively to appeal to our generation and establish itself as a brand that young consumers can really connect with.

The advertisement is a refreshing break from the mundane routines of our day-to-day lives, offering a window into a brighter, more festive world. The tour depicts Garnier Fructis as a company that is attune to the beat of Generation X, using mass adolescent appeals to music and style to infiltrate youth culture from a myriad of angles.

We understand their support of music festivals, individualism, and youth style to be an ode to the ideals of their own brand. Commodity Feminism Here, we can hone into another type of consumer within Generation X that Garnier Fructis aims to target: This concept of exploiting the feminist movement purely for promotional purposes- better known as commodity feminism— is a marketing tool used by companies to gain leverage within a target female consumer base.

The real irony lies in the fact that these corporations often promote the very anti-feminist values they claim to eradicate.

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Both images above are of thin, Caucasian women who flaunt soft, voluminous heads of hair. But the images in advertisements do just the opposite; granted, they make us believe that we are in complete control of our freedom and our decisions, and that buying products like Garnier Fructis will empower us to be stronger, more confident women.

However, portraying consumption in this manner does nothing to address the various demographics of women or their individual body types and hair-care needs; rather such commodity feminism singles out one hegemonic representation of women and obfuscates the very real issues of feminism as a sociopolitical movement.

As I have alluded to earlier in this analysis, capitalizing on the green movement is a common trend for corporations in various industries, and the beauty industry is no exception. The difference between cause-related marketing as a means of donating certain profits of a company to a non-profit cause and marketing of Garnier Fructis, is that the latter does not support any given organization with its calls to environmentalism.

As such, we can see that these rather empty appeals to a greener world work to build brand value rather than bolster a true cause-related marketing campaign. These distinct appeals within their marketing agenda work fluidly to form one holistic brand image that connotes youthfulness, freedom, coolness, and environmental activism.

The Cluttered Landscape of Advertising. Journal of Women in Culture and Society Leiss, William, and Jackie Botterill. Social Communication in Advertising: Consumption in the Mediated Marketplace. Shopping for Change in Contemporary Culture.In Peeler's case, it was from the consumer-facing Garnier Fructis brand to Pureology, which is distributed through hair salons.

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magazines. background. marketing strategies and competitive strengths The prime concern was to check awareness of Garnier Hair colour amongst consumers and its usage The data was mainly collected by means of a questionnaire prepared and direct feedback from retailers Other sources were internet.

This research included a thorough study of the history. marketing . Garnier Fructis by L’Oréal Suisse is a well-known hair care line.

In fact it is so well-known that the biggest challenge was to change the way people view the hair care products. Our main goal was to let the world know that Garnier Fructis products are even more versatile than many might think.

Situation Analysis/Current Marketing Mix Current Product The Garnier Fructis fortifying cream shampoo colour last is one of a large assortment of shampoos on the market.

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Garnier fructis direct marketing

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