Editorialized writing a check

In the first 26 years, he wrote editorials for the morning and Sunday Register and the evening Tribune.

Editorialized writing a check

And when we accept that invitation and become His followers, we are saying we want to live as He lived, to take on His values, to serve Him and His people. It seems that too often, Christians are nearly indistinguishable from nonbelievers. It compels me to ask you, my readers for the most part fellow believersan important question.

Are the majority of us Christians living much if any differently than the rest of the world, or are we stamping ourselves with the badge of Christianity only to have our actions and choices be indistinguishable from nonbelievers? It involves deep heart change, which should be reflected in our actions and observable to others.

Christianity isn't simply makeup we apply to look prettier. None of us are or ever will be perfect this side of heaven. If we claim to be a Christian, shouldn't we be different, and shouldn't that difference be visible to the world?

We are no longer at the whim of our sinful natures but receive the guidance and strength to walk differently … to more closely reflect Jesus Christ in our words and actions. However, I sometimes wonder: Are Christians buying into the self-focused, feel-good mantra of our culture?

Are we wearing the badge of Christianity so we feel better about ourselves while continuing to do whatever pleases us? Did we forget that the Lord set us aside to be different? Does that describe how the majority of Christians live? Does that describe me?

editorialized writing a check

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