Cover letters for nurses

In order to receive an interview, it can be important to craft a case manager cover letter that highlights your pertinent experience and skills.

Cover letters for nurses

Sometime in latethe website housing the archive of Omni Magazine articles suddenly became a sucker URL for a porn site.

Cover letters for nurses

Since Omni was owned by Bob Guccione Penthouse Magazinewe can only assume that he, or one of his minions, thought this was a clever use for a respectable domain. This article was rescued via the Wayback Machine. Printing it here is probably a violation of copyright, but considering what "they" are using Omni's domain for, I really don't care.

A day seemingly like any other in the sleepy, desert town of Roswell, New Mexico. A nurse who worked at the Roswell Army Air Field hospital, a base with about 5, military personnel, was going about her usual routine over the long July Fourth weekend, when she stumbled onto a scene that shook her to the core.

In search of supplies, she opened the door to an examination Cover letters for nurses and watched two strange doctors bent over the bodies of three small humanlike creatures.

Oh, they resembled humans, all right, but there was a difference: Their bodies were too small, their arms too spindly, and their heads too bald and big. Two were badly mangled and decomposed, while a third appeared relatively intact.

A stench permeated the air. The physicians quickly enlisted the nurse's help and the autopsies continued until all concerned were overwhelmed by the smell from the rotting bodies. At least this is what happened if you believe a story long held true by those who say a UFO crashed into the desert near Roswell, New Mexico, one summer night long ago, spitting five extraterrestrials into the arms of U.

Army medics, who autopsied the shattered remains. According to the legend -- because by now, in UFO circles, it has become that -- one lone nurse, referred to by pundits as Nurse X, decided to tell all. The recipient of this extraordinary confidence: But Dennis would be privy to the strange revelations on one condition: He would, forever, keep the identity of Nurse X under wraps.

Star Witness", said he knew Nurse X because of his second job -- driver of the town ambulance. As such, he was on the base frequently to drop off injury victims. The day of the alleged ET incident, Dennis says that he drove an injured man to the hospital and then was rudely ushered out and even threatened by Army officers who he had never seen before.

They were in the halls and everywhere. I didn't see the regular doctors or anybody. The only familiar person that I saw was her. Afterward, Dennis claims, she returned to the base, never to be heard from again.

Dennis tried to contact her but was told she had been transferred. And still later "the rumor was," says Dennis, "that she went down in a plane that was on a training mission. My father is the only one I ever talked to.

It was never brought up, you know. Even so, Dennis's part is an important one and central to the event. So I was all ears one day last year when, while interviewing Don Schmittone of the two major researchers on the Roswell case, the topic of missing nurses came up.

Schmitt, who with Kevin Randle wrote The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell, said there were no official records to show that Glenn Dennis's nurse, or five other nurses who appeared in photos in the Roswell base yearbook, ever served in the military. And, he went on to tell me, since he and Randle had looked.

They had scoured the planet up, down, and sideways for those nurses, he told me, to no avail. The government had willfully purged the nurses from the record, and, possibly, the earth, in its effort to hide the alien crash at Roswell.

After all, the assumption went, dead women tell no tales.

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Schmitt said he had worked with the Army Nurse Corps Historian's Office at the Department of Defense in an attempt to track the five yearbook nurses who, it was assumed, might have talked to Nurse X, heard something, or participated in some way in the Roswell incident.

Even the Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation in Washington, DC, had never heard of them, Schmitt told me, adding, "We are working now with some Pentagon officials who are more than a bit fascinated by the fact that even though we have photographs of these nurses from the yearbook, there are no records on these people.

He had, he told me, looked through the unit history of the th Atomic Bomb Wing that was stationed at Roswell, as well as the unit's transfer orders.A huge part of a registered nurse’s job involves interacting with patients and providing emotional support.

A successful cover letter should highlight examples of your bedside manner and empathy as well as your emotional stability and . This cover letter is aimed at a recruited that can put into contact with various employers in your f.

The Missing Nurses of Roswell By Paul McCarthy It was July 5, A day seemingly like any other in the sleepy, desert town of Roswell, New Mexico. Nursing Cover Letter Sample I highly recommend crafting a properly planned, well-written cover letter if you are applying for any nursing position.

Even though it is the job of your resume to lay out a complete list of the skills and experience you have in the field, you also need to mention in your cover letter any key aspects of your work. Registered Nurse Overview.

As an integral part of the health care industry, registered nurses are among the primary caregivers for patients in hospitals, clinics and private practices. Heroines of Mercy Street: The Real Nurses of the Civil War [Pamela D.

Toler PhD, Ridley Scott] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The true stories of the real nurses on the PBS show Mercy Street The nurses of the Civil War ushered in a new .

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