Courtroom essays

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Courtroom essays

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Although criminal trials sound a lot more interesting, the basic law I learned is based on civil law more, therefore I decided to observe the one and only Courtroom essays trial on that day: To begin with, Chism was hired in the beginning of In October Ronald Agostino became the President.

The trial began by Chism suing Tri-State Construction for not giving him the right amount of compensation that they initially agreed on. However, Tri-State Construction made a counterclaim stating that Chism did not did his job properly, thus does not deserve the compensation agreed upon previously.

As a result, the burden of proof now shifts to the plaintiff, Chism, to proof that he actually did his job properly not as what Tri-State Construction stated. The general trial proceeding was carried out as the following: There are 15 juries composed of different races, ages and gender.

Each holding a pen and a notebook, taking down notes to aid them made their decision. The email was argued irrelevant, as it is just a general series of email that does not provide a solid understanding of the issue.

Apr 26,  · After Bill Cosby was found guilty Thursday on three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault, one of his more than 60 accusers ran out of a Pennsylvania courtroom sobbing. Free Essay: Professor Chapleau CJS 7 April Courtroom My understanding of the court system has changed almost weekly from the beginning of my. This free Law essay on Essay: The US supreme court is perfect for Law students to use as an example.

However it is relevant because it shows that the plaintiff is acting against the interest of the company. In the end, the argument of emails was ruled as irrelevant.

Thus, it will not be presented to the juries. However, as a Chief financial officer Mr. Ronald sent email to made her aware that Mr. Chism was willing to wait for the compensation until it is available due to the difficult financial position that the company was in.

Thus, Middleton kept the record among other compensation files. The defendant stated that, Mr. Chism was acting for the interest of the company; instead it continued to show a pattern that he was at the stake of himself.

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For example, in an agreement incar expenses were promised to be covered by Tri-State Construction but Mr. It is stated that the initial agreement is made upon express contract, however, when the company is suffering with financial crisis, Ronald Agostino, president of Tri-State Construction, sent a letter to Mr.

Courtroom essays

Chism offering another promise: You can get paid until next year, initial this memo to Kristi. It is interesting to note that when a memorandum is shown to the Ms. Lack of personal knowledge! Witness Kristi also brought up a Canada project in that Mr.

Chism was in charged to be responsible with. The project was scheduled to be substantially complete in Spring The client that Mr. Chism worked extremely hard 7 days a week. And in October the client threatened to stop paying and hold the project.The general audience book that fully explains the IAT.

For the Court observation assignment I attended Dutchess County Criminal Courtroom on April 1, I was in the courtroom of the Honorable Gerald V. Hayes. At first I thought I was late, but when I got into the courtroom I found only the bailiff and stenographer just chatting away with two others.

Read Court Observation Report free essay and over 88, other research documents. Court Observation Report.

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Legal Process and History Court Report Part A: Reflection and Observation Upon observation of the local courts attended, which.

Essay on Court Observation The Central Criminal Court was established by the Central Criminal Court Act It is a component of the Crown Court (the criminal court of first instance), which hears between two and three per cent of all criminal cases, and has an appellate jurisdiction. Free essays & term papers - A Day in Criminal Court, Miscellaneous.

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