Country brand colombia

Automotive industry in Algeria Algeria's automotive industry is among the largest on the African continent together with South AfricaEgypt and Morocco and can exceedunits a year. Renault is the largest manufacturer with an estimated

Country brand colombia

As an active member of the community, we support programs related to economic development, education and health.

Country brand colombia

Net daily production in averaged 96 million cubic feet of natural gas. The company operates the Chuchupa and Ballena fields and receives 43 percent of the production for the remaining life of each field.

We have a 12 percent market share in automotive fuels, a 24 percent market share in aviation fuel and a 17 percent market share in lubricants. Chevron also has interests in 10 fuel terminals in Colombia, 4 owned and 6 joint operated.

Chevron provides enough natural gas for more than 4. We focus on three core areas: Through a diversified portfolio of programs, we strive to help improve the quality of life in the communities where we operate.

Weaving prosperity Chevron promotes entrepreneurship while preserving the cultural heritage of communities. In workshops we support, participants from 30 communities of La Guajira are taught production techniques and marketing skills to boost sales, enabling them to increase their household income.

Originally designed for 50 women, the program has grown to women and men. Tourism promotion SinceChevron has sponsored start-up tourism initiatives in La Guajira, supporting more than 90 entrepreneurs with small businesses such as handcrafts, fashion, lodging, food services and tourism.

Thanks to the Tourism Startup Alliance, these companies have created more than direct and indirect job opportunities since As a result, many of these farmers now sell their products to Compass, and Chevron employees enjoy locally grown food served at our facilities.

More important, the farmers benefit from the reliable demand and fair pricing that Compass offers. So far, more than 90 farmers have taken part in the program. These initiatives focus on early childhood and continue through high school, some offering internships designed to inspire career paths.

For example, we partner with the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare to support programs for nearly preschoolers. Chevron has also worked with partners to build the Laachon Ethnic Education Center, which serves 2, children from indigenous communities in rural areas of the Manaure municipality.

The center is a boarding school that educates children from distant homes. We support teacher-training programs that have helped more than students improve their national test scores. And over the last 10 years, we have provided more than 80 university scholarships to high school graduates in La Guajira.

Currently, 40 students attend universities on scholarships funded by Chevron. The program provides care for expectant mothers and young children with the goal of reducing malnutrition and reversing high morbidity and mortality rates, which in La Guajira are three times higher than the national average.

The program also includes training for local health workers. Inwe collaborated with a broad spectrum of entities to fight hunger. Partners included the Colombian government and local health institutions as well as local and international academic and development partners.

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Thirteen training sessions were held for local health professionals and doctors, and health assessments were given to people living in communities. Enabling water access Intense summers and severe water shortages in La Guajira make access to water challenging.

To date, the company has installed and is maintaining 11 water wells near our natural gas production facilities for the benefit of community members living nearby. Helping families through Operation Smile Chevron Colombia and Operation Smile Foundation have partnered for 17 years to provide free surgeries for children in La Guajira suffering with cleft lip and palate conditions.

With the aim of improving their welfare as well as their social and family integration, more than 52 patients have undergone successful operations each year.

The company began exploring for oil in Colombia in the late s and made crude oil and natural gas discoveries during the s and s.

The oil fields were sold during the s. Two additional oil fields, in the Llanos Basin, were turned over to Ecopetrol in Chevron began marketing products in Colombia in the s.

InChevron discovered gas in La Guajira, drilling the first well in The Ballena onshore field began gas production inand the Chuchupa offshore field began production in InChevron launched Techron D, for diesel vehicles.

InChevron celebrated 40 years of natural gas production in Colombia. Our Downstream and Upstream operations have been recognized for our environmental performance.A complex situation for retailing within an uncertain scenario.

During , retailing in Colombia witnessed a rather difficult and complicated scenario, in part affected by an increase in VAT, which rose from 16% to 19%. BOGOTA - Colombia was the country brand in Latin America that had higher growth in its value compared to , says the annual report of the consultancy Brand Finance, a company specializing in.

Country brand colombia

As one of Colombia’s largest producers of natural gas, Chevron plays an integral role in meeting the country’s energy needs. Through our partnership with Colombia’s national oil company, Ecopetrol, we produce enough natural gas to supply approximately one-quarter of the nation’s demand.

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