Contemporary philippine problems

Presidency of Ronald Reagan Early corporate opposition[ edit ] During the Recession of — public confidence in business was low and the new criticism from consumer groups weakened trust in advertising, media, and branded goods.

Contemporary philippine problems

While many countries in the region proved to be economically resilient and politically stable, others were challenged by shifting alliances and leadership change, including the passing of a beloved monarch, and threats of regional security and resource shortfalls.

To find out just what to expect inI asked Asia Foundation experts to share what they view will be the pivotal issue in their respective countries this year.

Here are perspectives from 18 countries.

Contemporary philippine problems

In the face of growing conflict and rising religious intolerance, can the Bangladeshi people continue to demonstrate resilience to such security threats and ensure peaceful coexistence and continued economic prosperity in and beyond?

This will no doubt be the most pressing issue for If this scenario unfolds, will the regime Contemporary philippine problems a peaceful transition of power through compromise and dialogue or will they double down against the opposition?

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The law, a constitution of sorts for the sector, is meant to clarify rights and responsibilities of domestic NGOs and ease approval for public fundraising. Potential risks include over-regulation of the sector, while foreign NGOs face an uncertain operating environment as they navigate a new registration process.

Acceptance of diversity in this unitary state is Contemporary philippine problems fundamental social construct, protected by the constitution.

Addressing the open challenge to the pluralistic nature of the country, the government and the police have recently shown their unwavering support to safeguard the idea of an inclusive Indonesia.

Contemporary philippine problems

With local elections set to take place in districts and cities throughout the country inthe importance of this high-level support cannot be overstated. Either way, the country will elect a new leader inand the new administration will face a number of domestic challenges, including the highest household debt level in recorded history, high youth unemployment, a rapidly aging society, and an alarmingly low birthrate.

These challenges, coupled with declining trade with China and a nuclear North Korea, are immense.


Though promising, it is too early to tell whether the recently passed budget, the largest ever, can help tackle some of these issues. The country is poised to remain on track as one of the fastest growing economies in Asia.

On the political front, the parliament is expected to be dissolved in the third quarter to make way for the 14th general elections. Inthe promotion of greater democracy and economic recovery will take center stage in Malaysia.

In the current context, the task of resolving issues big and small have come to rest mostly with Aung San Suu Kyi, a situation that helped hold the NLD together when it was a political movement under a repressive regime, but is untenable for the complex operations of a government.

A broadened base of decision-making is critical in to enable the government to be more dynamic in establishing and implementing reforms that can deliver timely results for what is becoming an increasingly frustrated public. Local elections have not been held in Nepal sinceand political representation at the local level is critical to closing this gap.

A failure to trigger real change in the system through local elections is likely to perpetuate the same inequalities that gave rise to conflict in Nepal and continue the current levels of corruption and ineffective governance. The time has come to engage more definitively with the public to ensure that the clever rhetoric and nationalist politics of the former president do not create an anti-incumbency surge as the country gears up for a national referendum on constitutional reform and long-delayed local government elections in For generations of Thais, the late King was a constant—their moral compass in the face of sweeping societal change and an arbiter of political tensions through his active years.

As the military government and successor King Maha Vajiralongkorn define their respective roles in filling a vacuum of uncertainty inThais will be watching for signs of the political and economic implications of this milestone transition, including those of a controversial new constitution for the future of Thai democracy.

Unfortunately, optimism for change is low, as despite political inroads, power is expected to remain firmly consolidated among former resistance leaders, rather than a growing cadre of younger, technically-qualified and reform-minded leaders.

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Vietnam and the U.Contemporary social problems and issues: focus on the Philippines. Custodiosa Ancheta Sanchez, Fe A. Barbado Agpaoa. National Book Store, - Philippines - pages.

Who can edit: Tales from the dark days 1 of 11 As we approach the 46th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law on Sept.
Shocking Beached Whale in the Philippines Is Not What It Seems Check new design of our homepage! All About the Economic Problems of the Philippines Though a fast-growing economy, Philippines still needs to address the issues of poverty, unemployment, and poor infrastructure.
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0 Reviews. From inside the book. What people are saying - Write a review. We haven't found any reviews in the usual places. Asia’s Biggest Issues in Experts Weigh In January 4, In , Asia was rocked by major events that tested the region’s perseverance and proved its strength.

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Sep 23,  · MANILA, Philippines — At a gathering of doctors, President Duterte admitted undergoing endoscopy and colonoscopy performed by his personal gastroenterologist, citing a .

Though Philippines too suffered in terms of exports, remittances from overseas Filipino workers, and foreign direct investments, during the global economic crisis, there has been steady economic growth in the recent years. However, there are certain economic problems that cannot be ignored.

Founder of Black Artists in Asia – a Philippines-based group focused on socially and politically progressive artistic practice – and Green Papaya Art Projects, Norberto Roldan addresses local social, political, and cultural issues. His assemblage of text, images, and found objects consider the lived experience of daily life in the.

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