Business writing skills brisbane

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Business writing skills brisbane

BIZ Business Business writing skills brisbane This subject introduces students to the concepts of business communications and transferable academic skills. This subject presents an analysis of the types of communication processes which occur in the internal and external business environment, including an examination of the theoretical underpinning of communication in businesses.

Emphasis is placed on writing skills, reports, and presentations, and using technology to communicate. The course will provide students with research skills information literacycritical analysis, writing and language techniques.

Transferable skills including time management and teamwork are incorporated in the course.

The fundamental writing skills of planning, writing, editing and proofing are covered, including: understanding the audience, getting appropriate structure and . The French's specialised Nail Courses Brisbane student offering allows you to learn the skills required to launch a career in the nails. Corporate Training Solutions Australia - Training Today's Technology and Tomorrows Leaders. Professional Development and Computer Training Courses, Brisbane, Professional Development, Soft Skills | CTS Training | Excel, Access, InDesign, Photoshop courses.

The aim of this subject is to provide knowledge and skills needed for Higher Education, to help students to manage their own success and to assist students in reaching their academic potential.

MKTA Marketing Fundamentals Students will gain a solid foundation in the marketing discipline introducing relevant and contemporary concepts, theories and models. The unit magnifies the importance of understanding consumer behaviour, segmentation, targeting and positioning, the extended marketing mix and ethics in marketing.

Industry relevance provides students with the opportunity of applying key concepts in practical settings. These marketing foundations are expanded on in other subjects available as electives. MKTA Integrated Marketing Communications Integrated Marketing Communications provides students with a contemporary view on the use of all different promotional tools available to marketers today such as sales promotions, direct marketing, advertising, personal selling and public relations.

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The unit explores how marketers can increase the number of touch points a brand can explore among its target audience in a consistent and effective manner. The unit provides an introduction to the advertising industry and the process of creating advertisements for different media.

It begins by looking at the initial steps of advertising planning and research, differentiation and targeting, and the development of an advertising strategy. BIZ Understanding people and Organisations This subject introduces students to the concept of an organisation, and their role within the organisational context.

The student will explore the impact of their relationships and emotional intelligence within a business context, as well as developing the skills to foster effective workplace relationships and to learn how to continue to develop and refine these skills in the workplace.

Students will gain an understanding of the idea of cultures within organisations, and how their actions interact within these relationships. The unit highlights the importance of firms in building strong relationships with their corporate clients in the process of value creation. Students will develop an understanding of business markets and the business marketing environment and will build upon their knowledge of marketing principles and market segmentation to formulate their own B2B marketing strategy.

MKG Consumer Behaviour This unit introduces students to the main aspects of consumer behaviour, including the societal, family and cultural influences on behaviour. The unit examines vital topics such as consumer learning, needs and wants, motivations, perceptions and experience, and specific consumer behaviours and the factors involved in consumer decision making.

business writing skills brisbane

Students undertaking this unit are encouraged to critically appraise their own buying behaviour, which in turn assists them in acquiring, critically examining, and communicating information from a range of different sources.

MKTA Market and Audience Research This unit introduces students to the main aspects of consumer behaviour, including the societal, family and cultural influences on behaviour. I chose to study at APM because of their flexible part-time study options.

As a full-time employee I was looking for somewhere that was going to support my busy week, whilst still providing the knowledge that would set me up for my career. APM Bachelor Degrees are university-equivalent Higher Education courses - which means that the emphasis is on knowledge and skills-based approach to learning.

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