A reflection on puritans thinking in anne bradstreets poetry

You may have seen them characterized as sour-faced, dull, never smiling, haters of fun and happiness.

A reflection on puritans thinking in anne bradstreets poetry

Verses Addressed to Her Husband and Family Chapter 18 focuses on the work of poet, Anne Bradstreetfeaturing four of her pieces that particularly reflect her beliefs in seventeenth-century New England Puritan theology.

Bradstreet was the only woman of her time to publish a book on poetry, and primarily wrote about her relationships with and love for members of her family, specifically her husband and her children.

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Evidence throughout many of her works indicate that her role as a wife and mother were incredibly important to Bradstreet, and her Puritan values, as well as her faith in God, contributed greatly to those aspects of her life.

However, her tone typically suggested an almost equal importance in marriage and parenting. Though this is not necessarily included within the realm of TULIP ideology, Puritans did greatly value the sanctity of marriage. Here, Bradstreet somewhat toys with the idea of sanctification, meaning that salvation comes through good works, those being a prosperous marriage in this case.

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This contradicts the idea of justification, which states that salvation comes only through believing, a concept that most Puritans held as truth. In Reference to her Children, 23 June While the first selected piece emphasizes the importance of marriage, the second seems to speak more to parenthood and the responsibility of parents to raise their children accordingly in a manner that will best benefit them throughout their individual lives.

This poem specifically speaks to the jeremiad that we mentioned in class yesterday in that Puritans believe in an innocent past, a degraded present, and a hopefully redemptive future. Here the innocence of the past is illustrated with baby birds hatching and leaving the nest.

While encouraging readers to take comfort in God and his actions, both poems also somewhat align with the idea of a redemptive future discussed in regards to the second poem, as there is hope in the deaths of these two children.

A reflection on puritans thinking in anne bradstreets poetry

Each of these poems, in some way, aligns with the Puritan beliefs that guided Anne Bradstreet. The first presents the idea of marriage and its benefits for humanity while the last three explore themes of hope, trust, and the afterlife, all of which were highly prevalent within Puritan society.

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I think that having the background and historical context for her writing has given me a better, more cohesive understanding this time around. I still really enjoy her work, but now I feel like I actually understand her motivation behind her writing.Anne Bradstreet Anne Bradstreet’s poetry reflects Puritan thinking like sunlight softly shimmering on a quiet country pond.

There is life and much activity just below the quiet surface, yet one must look below to discover its depth. As the first notable poet in American literature, it is fi. Jan 28,  · Anne Bradstreet was Americans first female poet. She was a Puritan woman who wrote about her life and struggles between religion and society.

Since she was a Puritan woman she was some what looked down on for writing because men were the only people in that time period who were considered great writers. The Puritans of Massachusetts Bay, on the other hand, sought to build a community where they could exercise their religion and worship God in the manner of their choosing without what they perceived to be the corrupting influence of the Old World surrounding them.

Anne Bradstreet’s Puritan Values. Puritans did greatly value the sanctity of marriage. I have read a lot of Anne Bradstreet’s poetry before and have always really enjoyed it.

I think that having the background and historical context for her writing has given me a .

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Anne Bradstreet did not intend for her poetry to be Published at all so she did write more about her feelings rather than to teach to others like puritan writers are supposed to do.

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